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High Purity Sanitary Gaskets

We have a complete range of High Purity Sanitary Gaskets.  These products use high quality materials, assuring the finest performance in the Food, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industries.


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We are proud to offer the only line of PTFE bonded to Rubber products. PTFE bonded gaskets offer the best of all worlds, a PTFE surface with the compressibility and memory of an elastomer.


PolySteel material offers an inert contact surface that withstands the most challenging SIP required in biotech & pharmaceutical processing. Seal Performance will remain as creep and cold flow is minimized with extreme T.

Sanitary Screen Gaskets

Specialty designs have been produced as Screens, Socks, intered Metal, Perforated Plates & Sintered Metal Screens. Products are available bonded or with removable gaskets.


We bring you Innovations that are essential for Orifice Plate gasket needs combined with our pedigree of polymers bonded to plates with 10 ra or better finishes.