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Oil Industry

Representing many leading manufacturers & providing single source for all hose, fittings & accessories.  We offer our very own customised Reel Hose wich has had excellent reviews from drivers.
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ADR Plates

Designed to display each of the Petrol, Diesel & Kerosene ADR Kemler Codes.

API Coupling

Arms for API Coupling


We stock a full range of camlocks in aluminium, polypropylene & stainless steel. Available in sizes from 1/2" to 4" BSP.

Composite Hose Assemblies

High quality composite hoses manufactured from a variety of materials to meet the demands of the oil industry, with a firesafe option for highly flammable materials.

Philly Nozzle

Robust fuel oil delivery nozzle 1.5" Swivel Inlet x 1.5" BSP Threaded Outlet

Spout for Nozzle

Reeling Hose