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Rubber Hose

Representing IVG, a world class manufacturer of rubber hose products covering a multitude of industrial applications for conveying liquids, gases & abrasive materials. Speciality hoses assemblies, custom built & certified to recognised industrial standards. Same day delivery on most hose assemblies if urgently required.
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Softwall hose abrasive resistant, used for the delivery of sand or cast steel shot. It is manufactured with an anti-static rubber compound.


Softwall hose for compressed air with light traces of oil mist, normally used for heavy duty applications in road construction sites, quarries & mines.


Softwall rubber hose used for gas exhaust mixed with sea water used in pleasure boats up to 24m length.


Softwall cable covering hose used in any industrial application & for welding machines.


Softwall hose designed to handle a wide range of chemical products, acids & bases. It is specially recommended to convey industrial waters & for use in water purification systems.


Softwall hose used to convey steam at low pressure for humidifiers in air-conditioning systems.


Softwall hose for the delivery of sand & gravel mixed with water, used as a flexible connection between sections of discharge pipe in dredging service. Possible to make with enlarged ends or with built-in rubber protected flanges.


A robust & flexible softwall reel booster hose as fitted on fire fighting trucks for the delivery of water & extinguishing fluids.


Softwall hose for the delivery of water, wine, juice, soft drinks & other foodstuffs when a food quality hose is required.


Softwall hot water discharge hose for what is even slightly acidic, suitable also for non-corrosive fluids in numerous applications in chemical industries.


Softwall hose for the delivery of petroleum products with aromatic content up to 50% & drilling mud mixed with oil.


Softwall hose used for the delivery of petroleum products with aromatic content up to 30%.


Soft wall hose used for cleaning tankers in the oil & chemical field with water & detergents.


Softwall rubber hose with a thick wall used in Peristaltic pumps & suitable to convey various fluids (also very dense), whose organic qualities must remain unchanged.


Softwall hose designed as a flexible connection in air brake systems on rail carriages & locomotives. It is fire resistant with low toxicity & low smoke emission.


Softwall steam hose, textile reinforced, recommended for use with saturated steam at a maximum working pressure of 6 bar (90psi)


Anti-static hose with white tube for dry abrasives. Used in tank trucks, rail tankers & storage silos.


Hardwall corrugated hose, light construction, designed for industrial use for the extraction of dust, fumes & light abrasives.


Softwall discharge hose for water, non-corrosive fluids & compressed air. Used in construction sites, industries & agriculture.


Softwall hose used to deliver acetylene for welding.