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Adaptors & Bonded Seals

We offer an extensive range of Adaptors & Bonded Seals.  We have a Stainless Steel range also available from stock. Our Seal Kits are great for keeping all your seals in the right place. 
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We offer an extensive range of Adaptors in all the common threads from BSP, JIC, ORFS & Metric. All these threads are available in male/male, male/female, tee-pieces, elbows and bulkheads. We also stock many non-standard adaptors.

Bonded Seal

Our Bonded Seal range includes all BSP & many metric sizes aswell as stainless steel seals. We also stock a BSP Bonded Seal box, which can be refilled as you use the seals.

Dowty Seal Kit

Keep all your Dowty Seals in the one place

Plastic Caps & Plugs

We offer a range of Plastic Caps & Plugs to protect your hose assemblies from contamination & to protect your fittings threads.

SAE Flange

The SAE Flange range is available in both 3000psi & 6000psi options with sizes from 1/2" up to 3".

SAE Poly Seal Flange Kit

The only way to keep your Poly Seals organised !

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Service Plugs

To avoid spills and contamination during maintenance and repair. Made from oil resistant rubber. Two pack sizes available (4-22mm) & (12+42mm).

Service Plugs MixBox

Both Standard & Large Plugs in the one box