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Circuit Valves

From simple Hydraulic Relief Valves to Motor Mounted Motion Control Valves, we can also offer Overcentre Valves, End of Stroke Valves, Check Valves, Logic Valves, Pressure Regulators, Sequence Valves and Load Holding Valves. All of these can be line mounted, flange mounted or block mounted in all sizes. We also stock Boom Lock Valves for Excavators.

Cetop Solenoid Valves

Cetop 2,3,5,7 & 8. On-Off or Proportional. All associated sandwhich valves & subplates.

Lever Operated Control Valves

3/8" to 1" Monoblock & Sectional valves. Different spool configurations. Different Control options. Lever, Solenoid, Hydraulic Pilot etc...