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Tubing & Accessories

When it comes to tubing, no one can match the breadth of material formulations, application-specific functionality & decades of experience offered by Micro Industries through Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. From our iconic TYGON® brand, which has been transporting critical fluids for more than 60 years, to new innovations like Sani-Tech® Ultra and TYGON® E-3603 non-DEHP, our tubing products deliver purity, consistency & rock-solid documentation you can rely on.
Please see our range below and visit our downloads page where you can download a full product spec sheet :
Sani-Tech Ultra

Representing the next generation in ultra-pure platinum-cured silicone tubing. Features like ultra-low extractables & longer pump life were engineered into Ultra to meet the stringent requirements of the Biopharmaceutical market.


Sani-Tech® STHT®-C is an ultra-pure biopharmaceutical grade tubing. This platinumcured silicone tubing resists temperature extremes, ozone, corona, radiation, moisture,compression sets,weathering & chemical attack & imparts no taste or odors to fluids transported within it.

SIL 250 Silicone Tubing

SIL 250 Silicone Tubing peristaltic pumping transports fluids efficiently, without risking contact with any portion of the pump itself.

Sani-Link Manifold

The Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® Manifold is a true industry first & has been awarded for its unique features. Utilizing S.I.B® (Smooth Inner Bore) technology Sani-Link® minimizes the need for fittings,connections or assembly & all leak points & entrapment areas have been eliminated.

Tygon 2475 High Purity Tubing

High Purity Tubing providing a high level of purity.

Tygon E-3603

Laboratory Tubing that handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in the lab. It is non-oxidizing, non-contaminating & less permeable than rubber tubing.

Tygon E-LFL

Non-DEPH Tubing for Laboratory, Food & Beverage, and Biopharmaceutical Applications

EZ Top Container Closure

Manufactured from high-purity, platinum-cured silicone elastomers or thermoplastics, the Sani-Tech® EZ Top® container closure components provide an aseptic seal for handling various high-purity fluids in biopharmaceutical applications.

PharmaFluor FEP

PharmaFluor® FEP is a fluoropolymer tubing that meets the demands of biopharmaceutical, medical & laboratory applications. PharmaFluor® tubing has outstanding chemical & physical characteristics.

PharMed BPT Tubing

PharMed® BPT tubing is ideal for use in clean-in-place & steam-in-place cleaning & sterilization systems. It is compatible with virtually all commercial cleaners & sanitizers.


PharmaPure® is a premium, low spallation, biologically compatible peristaltic pump tubing developed especially for pharmaceutical, biotechnology & laboratory applications.

C-Flex Tubing

C-Flex® Tubing is a unique, patented thermoplastic elastomer specifically designed to meet the critical demands of the medical, pharmaceutical, research, biotech & diagnostics industries.

C-Flex Braided Tubing

C-Flex® Braided Tubing is an ultra-flexible, high purity tubing product developed for use in applications where a thermoplastic tube is desired, but the pressure requirements exceed those allowable by a non-reinforced thermoplastic material.

BarbLock Retainers

These are constructed from high-performance polypropylene that meets USP Class VI criteria. They require no adhesives or solvents making them particularly well suited to systems that handle sensitive liquids and gases.